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Work With Me

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Waves of Transformation

NEW! Introducing a new, virtual offering for individualized healing in a supportive group setting. Now available at least twice per month. 

"I felt a renewed sense of calm and clarity"

"Jacqui led us through a series of deep breathing exercises that immediately helped me to relax and let go of any tension I was holding onto. As the session continued, I found myself becoming more and more immersed in the experience, letting go of my thoughts and simply being in the moment. I found myself connecting deeply with this meditation. When we opened our eyes at the end I felt a renewed sense of calm and clarity, and the weight of my worries began to lift.  I slept so much better that night and I can't wait until the next one." -KK

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In My Space

1-on-1 Sessions
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  • Each session is organic and tailored to what is best for you. I work to help you connect more easily to your intuition which helps you gain insights and clarity for yourself.

  • I give you intuitive guidance and insight to help you make changes and movement in your life with ease.

  • I use deep energy work to clear blocks and help you open up to and align with new possibilities and your highest potential. Your vibration is raised and you feel lighter and more balanced.

  • We work with intention setting processes to help you shift and align to what's possible for you. I teach you tools and techniques to help you continue the work on your own.

  • You leave feeling lighter, calmer, clearer, energized and more balanced. I give you a concrete action plan to help support the work that we did.

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In Your Space

On Location Sessions
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  • I clear the energy in your home or business.

  • You set intentions for what you want for yourself and those that live or work in your space to feel. Do you want peace, harmony, an energetic charge, a place for all to gather? For a business, you may want increased productivity, clarity or abundance.

  • I give you intuitive guidance and teach you concrete ways to gain clarity, feel more supported, and experience life with more ease.

  • You AND your space will feel lighter, more balanced and more expansive. Your space is super charged and ready for those intentions that you set.

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Individual or Group Remote Sessions
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  • Works very similar to the in-person sessions with both energy healing and space clearing.

  • We meet on the phone or via SKYPE or Zoom.

  • Energy healing when I am not physically with the recipient is called remote or distance healing.

  • I connect to your vibrational energy and use my intuition to see what would best support you.

  • I am able to clear blocks and run higher vibrational energy through you.

  • I answer questions and give intuitive guidance for support. 

  • I teach you tools and techniques while giving you an action plan that will help support the work.

What to expect in a session:

Each session is fluid and organic depending on what you are looking to work on. No worries if you aren't clear on what you want to work on. I will tune in intuitively to help guide you. I use a combination of vibrational healing and intuitive guidance. 

Vibrational Healing


Energy healing works by clearing blocks and helps to restore balance within the body. I bring in new vibrant energy which helps to promote transformation and allow more ease, flow and connection. 

Intuitive Guidance

I offer insight that helps you to gain more clarity, make changes, and make more movement in your life. I teach you tools or techniques which you can use on your own. You leave with a concrete action plan to help support the work that we did.

You know you are ready to work with me when:

  • You feel stuck and are not getting what you want and desire in your life.

  • You want to raise your vibration which helps to release worry or anxiety and aligns you to your fullest potential.

  • You would like to learn ways to help shift your energy and support your wellbeing.

  • You are ready to release limiting beliefs and old patterns that are getting in the way of being your most happy fulfilled self.

  • You would like to learn more about how to connect with your intuition which helps to guide you with ease as you move forward.

  • You want to learn tools and techniques to help you feel empowered and in control of your own energy.

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