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Change is Happening Everywhere: Energy Shifts and Finding Alignment

Can you see it? Can you feel it? Are you aware of a major shift that’s happening in our world right now? These changes have been gradually happening for many years but we are now in an accelerated shift with rapid changes happening for all of us. It can also be a time of uncertainty. For some, change can be tricky and anxiety producing. It can be overwhelming when we encounter these situations. It may be challenging to give up control and the unexpectedness sets in. Often times when change happens unexpectedly it takes us out of our comfort zone. Others may thrive on change and seek it out whenever possible.

Years ago, it became clear to me that my work for myself and others was and continues to be preparation for these transitions. The energy has and continues to shift as we are entering a new era. I am not an expert in astrology but if you follow it you can find that this time has been predicted by many experts going way back and now. The energy that we have access to is so much stronger now and the connection is easier for us. It’s as if people are waking up out of a deep sleep. We are moving into deeper connections with ourselves and with others. Some may say “how can that be? Things are a mess in our world right now.” I understand where they are coming from and I also see the changes happening simultaneously.

With this new energy shift comes a shake up and breakdown of old systems and beliefs that do not align. If we choose to open our minds we can see it in so many places. The new higher vibrational energy is supporting us to get where we are meant to go. I am here to help and support. If this resonates with you I hope you will join me in one of my Waves Of Transformation group meditations or contact me to schedule a one-on-one session.


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