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How Does Remote Energy Healing Really Work?

Has someone ever popped into your thoughts and then shortly after you get a text or phone call from them or you might even bump into them? This has happened for me since I was younger. For me, I would also sometimes think of someone and get the feeling that I should reach out to them. When I did reach out they would usually have wonderful news to share or they were going through something very challenging. This is one of the ways intuition works. We can send out energetic signals to others or the other way around. We all have access to our intuition in different ways. One of my main goals with working with others is to help them to connect more easily to their intuition.

We have access to many different healing techniques and processes now. Over the past several years I have learned many tools with my main focus being honing and tuning deeper into my own intuition. My process is the same when I work with someone in person or for remote energy healing via Zoom, Skype etc. I am a hands off healer. With permission, I align with someone’s energetic vibration and intuitively support them in what would be for their highest and best. I have many clients that live far from me and we have never met in person. The work and impact are the same as those that come to my studio.


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