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The Power of Intention

Over the years, I have really seen and experienced the power of intention. Intentions are a primary focus for each and every healing session I do. It’s wonderful how much guidance and focus there is around the power of intentions. Dr. Wayne Dyer, a spiritual leader and author, spoke about “Our intention creates our reality”. Have you ever heard the quotes “Change your thoughts change your life” or Change your thoughts change your reality”? These all speak about intention.

Our life experiences impact us in so many ways. Often a negative or uncomfortable experience we had can affect us and at times we aren’t aware of it. Our mind may go to a negative thought or fear and before you know it you are heading down a rabbit hole. We can create energetic blocks or stuck energy when this happens. It’s important to clear this energy out so that we are more aligned with what we do want for ourselves. Make sense? If not, I am happy to explain further.

When I am meeting with a group or one-on-one with an individual, I am clearing out energy that may be blocking them from what they want for themselves. Working with visualizations and intention setting helps this to shift the energy and accelerate the process.


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