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How do you know when you have energetic blocks?

We all have energy throughout our bodies. It can either help or hinder you in getting what you want in life. Old energy that may have served you when you were younger may now be interfering in your desire to move toward new goals and interests. It is important to release these energetic blocks so that you can fully step into all of the possibilities that are available to you. Here are some common characteristics of blocked or stuck energy and how it can impact our lives:

You are having difficulty getting what you desire.

You have pain in your body that may be constant or comes and goes.

You find it challenging finding a job or activities that are satisfying and fulfilling.

The same pattern keeps happening for you and you can’t figure out why.

You are having trouble finding someone or sustaining a romantic relationship.

You are feeling stuck in your life and don’t know why or how to move forward.

Transitions are challenging for you.

It is difficult for you to recognize and bring in more abundance in your life.

A recent client of mine came in to see me because she felt stuck and wasn’t sure how to move forward. She was experiencing some depression and pain in her body. She felt that she was at a crossroad as she had recently lost a job that she had been working at for several years. The job had no longer felt rewarding and she felt she had to drag herself there everyday. During our session, she was able to gain insight and clarity around the fact that her job loss was actually perfect timing for her to work on herself. It also allowed her to spend more regular quality time with a family member which was so important for both of them.

During our session, I was able to help her see that she had lost sight of the things that made her feel happy and fulfilled. I was able to help her remember something that she felt passionate about when she was younger. For her, I focused the energy work around clearing out the old energy that was making her stuck while also bringing in new energy to help her to connect more to her heart. I gave her follow up action items that would continue to help support her and the work that I did in our session.

I had a client who came to see me in my space after I did space clearing at her business. During the clearing for her business, one of her intentions was to bring in growth and expansion for her work. When she came to see me for a session she shared some exciting news that she had an opportunity to move her business to a new larger location. She was experiencing excitement about the opportunity, but also fear and doubt were coming up for her. I was able to use my intuition and see that she had a limiting belief within her that stemmed from childhood. It was around keeping herself small and not fully believing that she was capable of having more. I was able to clear her energy that was around her limiting belief. I also gave her some energetic homework that would support her in moving forward with direction and confidence.


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