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What is space clearing and how can it benefit me?

Every space has energy… positive, negative, energizing, depleting, old, new. Depending upon the kind of energy you encounter within a space, you may feel light, calm and serene or you may feel agitated, stressed, and depleted.

​What is Space Clearing?

Space clearing shifts and changes old or negative energy to help harmonize a home or business. I like to refer to space clearing as “out with the old, in with the new.” When a client arranges for a space clearing, an intention for the clearing is set and the work may already begin.

I speak with my client before our session so that I can explain the process and answer any questions. What is unique in working with me is that I focus more on the intentions of what the client would like to bring in for their space, themselves and those that live or work there as well. Each session is organic and is specific and supportive to what the client wants or needs.

During a session a client may:

  • Ask for specific intentions for themselves and others that live in the home.

  • They may want to bring in harmony, love and support for the family.

  • They may want their home to be a quiet restful retreat or be the social hub for all to gather.

  • In a business setting, the client may seek increased productivity, a peaceful work environment, or more profitability.

Clients are also able to ask for help in clarity for what’s next for them.

Space Clearing Benefits

People can benefit from having their space cleared regularly.

  • After a space clearing, people in the cleared space often feel healthier, stronger, clearer, more focused and more at ease.

  • Having a space clearing will immediately energize the environment.

  • Regular clearings of homes and business can have a great positive impact by creating and setting positive intentions,

  • Often times the client may report that other things may shift and open up positively in their lives as well.

  • It helps attract and align along with supporting movement for the client.

When is a space clearing needed?

Any time is a great time for a space clearing, but there are times when a space clearing is particularly appropriate.

One might do a space clearing when:

  • there is a change in season

  • a new home is constructed

  • There is difficulty selling a home

  • before moving into a home

  • There has been a misfortune

  • there has been sadness or pain

  • a business is suffering from low morale or low profitability

  • if the space feels heavy

  • you feel like you can’t breathe

  • There has been continual unease or sickness

Here are some of my clients’ experiences with space clearing. It may be just what you need!

I have a big house with a front porch and a back deck but my kids never invited their friends over. I wanted them to feel that their friends could come over and have a good time. We were unable to forget the bad memories and heavy energy in the house due to a family member’s advanced alcoholism. I didn’t tell my sons that Jacqui energetically cleared the house, top to bottom. The very next day, the boys brought friends home with them after school and this has continued. They and their friends are cooking for each other and having a wonderful time. I’m so happy that our house is being put to such good use. Thank you Jacqui! – LL

I asked Jacqui to run a clearing for us just before our house was being re-appraised for a loan. I was excited to have her come in the hopes that it would help the appraiser to see our house in the best possible light. Jacqui was very focused and thorough; asking beforehand what atmosphere we wanted to have in our home. She made sure to cover every area in our home spending extra time where it seemed to need it. After she finished, our house felt much calmer and more relaxed. That in itself was a great benefit. I was amazed though when the appraisal came back at a value higher than my most optimistic number had been! – LB

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