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Align with your purpose through transformational healing.

Are you feeling stuck and not getting what you want in life?

Does the same negative pattern keep repeating for you and you can’t figure out why?

You may be at a transition, or looking for what’s next in your life.

Or maybe you have physical pain that gets in the way of experiencing the life that you want.

Do you wonder if there is something more…

Let's shift and open up your true capacity to experience life with more ease.

We attract what we want when we shift our energy to its highest vibration.

When we connect with our intuition and raise our energy vibration, we gain clarity and align to who we want to be and what we want for ourselves and our lives.

Transformational healing helps you align with your purpose.

When we release limiting beliefs, we clear lifelong patterns and gain a deeper understanding of our lives. Life becomes more satisfying and fulfilling.

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Waves of Transformation


Guided Meditation &

Energy Clearing Sessions

Now available at least twice per month!

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“Unexplainably powerful for me.”

Working with Jacqui has been unexplainably powerful for me. She taps into deep forces at play and has helped me feel “unstuck” about a number of things over the years. The most notable experience I had was in searching for a 2nd home amidst an incredibly tight and competitive market. Her intuition was spot on regarding how things would progress, and as I stand here nearly a year later, having purchased exactly the home we wanted (which wasn’t on the market!) in exactly the way she intuitively predicted, I am still in awe of how it all came together. Without a doubt Jacqui’s energy helped to manifest my vision, and I am so incredibly grateful for her influential assistance.   - AG

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Insights from Jacqui

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